Above the Waist will be available for purchase on our website and via the Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program website (stopteenpregnancy.com).

To purchase over the phone or to have an invoice mailed, contact Lindsay Fram directly at 212-942-5289 or lindsayf@childrensaidsociety.org. If emailing, please include the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Contact information
  • Number of curricula you wish to purchase by grade level
  • Interest in training

-6th-8th Grade Curriculum Package ($600.00 plus shipping)
-Single Grade Curriculum Package ($225.00 plus shipping)

-up to 12 people ($1,800 plus travel expenses)
-13-30 people ($2,000 plus travel expenses)
-30+ people ($2,500 plus travel expenses)

-up to 12 people ($3,000 plus travel expenses)
-13-30 people ($3,200 plus travel expenses)
-30+ people ($3,700 plus travel expenses)

Click on Curriculum in the navigation bar at the top of the page then click Preview to see a sample lesson from each grade level. For more information about the topics covered in each grade level click on About Above the Waist in the dropdown list under About Us.

No. You can purchase just the grade level best suited to the age and stage of development of your participants. However, we highly recommend investing in all three levels as this provides opportunity for deeper exploration of individual topics.

We recommend you invest in all three levels of Above the Waist. Having access to all three grade levels provides instructors the opportunity for deeper exploration of specific topics. Additionally, reproduction, contraception/pregnancy prevention, and sexually transmitted disease prevention are only covered in 7th grade/Level II and 8th grade/Level III. 

  • 6th Grade/Level I contains 11 sessions
  • 7th Grade/Level II contains 12 sessions
  • 8th Grade/Level III contains 12 sessions

Each full-length session can be taught in a 1 hour block, or activities can be spread out to meet the needs of your participants.

Above the Waist has not undergone a formal evaluation. However, the essence of the curriculum is based on the 30 year success of the evidence-based Childrens Aid Society - Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program.  Additionally, during the curriculum development process:

  • Key activities from the first draft were field tested with 7th and 8th grade students at Thomasville Middle School in Thomasville, North Caroline and with 8th grade students at Bronx College Preparatory Charter School in Bronx, New York. The verbal and written feedback from these field tests was applied to adjust content and engagement strategies to better fit the developmental ages and stages of the intended audiences.
  • A group of diverse experts in the field to reviewed the first draft and provided rich feedback.
  • A team of high level CAS - Carrera staff memebers reviewed final drafts and provided additional feedback upon which the final product was based. 

Yes. We highly recommend that you invest in a one or two-day instructor training. All Above the Waist training begins with discovering new and exciting informaiton about the adoelscent brain! Instructor trainings model interactive teaching techniques that encourage discovery learning and social risk taking and those that help build competence, confidence and connectedness among participants. Depending on the needs of your group, trainings can focus on just one or two grade levels or span all three. For more information about training, contact Lindsay Fram (lindsayf@childrensaidsociety.org) or send us a question using the inquiry form on the "Contact Us" page.