About Above the Waist

Above the Waist joins the growing number of resources that are working to reduce sexual risk taking during adolescence. Our curriculum provides a unique perspective by using cutting edge research in the field of adolescent brain development and beginning by educating young people about the most powerful sexual organ in their growing bodies -- the brain!

Each grade level comes in a colorful three-ring pocketed binder complete with a glossary of terms that appear throughout the lessons and guaranteed access to ongoing technical assistance online and over the phone. See the Curriculum & Training page for sample lessons, additional details about the curriculum, information about instructor training packages and to purchase the curriculum online.  

Chapter 1: YOUR BRAIN
Adolescent Brain Development
Healthy Risk Taking
Decision Making During Adolescence

Chapter 2: YOUR BODY
Physical Changes of Puberty
The Fantastic Female Body
The Magnificent Male Body
Our Bodies Below the Waist

Chapter 3: YOUR RIGHTS
Personal Values & Personal Boundaries
Healthy Relationships
Sexual Identity
Assertive Communication Skills

Assertive Sexual Consent
STD Prevention
Pregnancy Prevention & Contraception
Sexual & Reproductive Health Care

* 7th and 8th grade